Music Moves Europe Dialogues

In preparation of the official launch of the Federation of Music Conferences, the founders applied with success to the Call for tenders EAC-2022-OP-0001 by the European Commission “Music Moves Europe: Strengthening the dialogue on music”.

This ambitious three year program is focusing on three different tasks:

  1. Produce a conceptual framework definition of the term “Music Ecosystem.”
  2. Organizing the EU level dialogue on music.
  3. Organizing a series of Music Moves Europe dialogue meetings at major music conferences in Europe.

The first task is managed by the Research Team composed of the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (DE) and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (NL) experts. The team will be led by Carsten Winter, professor at Hannover University and Frank Kimenai, PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The goal of this task is to understand who, what and how music moves Europe. Therefore we need to strengthen the dialogue about music between the stakeholders of this increasingly interconnected and complex sector. The European music sector is more and more conceptualized as an ecosystem. In order to increase understanding, strengthen the dialogue, and develop coherent policy, we need a comprehensive and strategically usable concept of the music ecosystem. A concept that is both empirical and theoretical, conceptually connectable and developable, and aligns with the function of the “music ecosystem” as a laboratory for other cultural and creative industries, as well as with the European Commission’s industrial ecosystem approach.

The second task consists in organizing twice a one-day conference at EU level, to take stock of developments relevant to the music sector at large, and to steer the EU policy agenda on music. In a continued dialogue with the European Commission the topics of the conferences will include relevant aspects of the evolution of the music ecosystem at European level, indicating further perspectives, opportunities and sharing with industry stakeholders and policymakers at different levels – from local to international – new directions and ways to develop the sector.

The third task brings 10 Music Moves Europe Dialogues in the most relevant Music Conferences across Europe, starting in May at Tallinn Music Week. With a strong focus on strengthening the dialogue within the music sector and with its professionals, on topical issues with a European dimension, by using the well-established music conferences in Europe. The goal is threefold: 1) To raise awareness about the relevance of EU developments and their impact on the sector, and to provide information about the opportunities of EU policies and programmes to help the sector flourish and address its challenges; 2) To identify and discuss the latest developments in the industry, exchange information on new data, relevant projects, etc.; 3) To give a possibility for professionals to meet and network around issues with relevance for a discussion under the Music Moves Europe initiative.