In the heydays of social media and virtual communication, it is music conferences and showcase festivals that continue to be the vital hubs for the international music community. These types of events are the hotspots to discover new music and simultaneously meet, socialize and discuss with those that support careers and talents, innovate and renovate the music ecosystem. 

The Federation of Music Conferences aims to connect, represent and empower music conferences with an international, national and regional target, which share the scope of taking care for the interests and belongings of the music ecosystem, develop a stronger and fair creative economy and build bridges between music and other CCI.

The Federation of Music Conferences is a non-profit organization, established in Groningen in December 2022 as a Stichting (Foundation), as an initiative of six European organizations holding a yearly music festival and conference: East European Music Conference (ARTmania Events SRL), in Sibiu, Romania; ESNS (Stichting Eurosonic Noorderslag) in Groningen, The Netherlands; Linecheck Music Meeting & Festival (Music Innovation Hub SpA) in Milan, Italy; MaMA Music & Convention (MaMa Event) in Paris, France; Reeperbahn Festival (Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG) in Hamburg, Germany; Tallinn Music Week (Shiftworks OU ), in Tallinn, Estonia. 

The Federation of Music Conferences is run by its Management Board and is open to new members: discover our mission and how to Join the Club!


We are a network of music conferences which provide access to all involved players within the music sector, generate and share knowledge on the inventory of the music sector, enable networking and cooperation and support talent through physical and digital meetings.

Involving the industry & Strengthen the dialogue

We serve the needs of all involved players equally and can fully address the representatives of the music industry across sub-markets.

We put topics on the political agenda by sharing common conference subjects.

We hereby initiate and strengthen the dialogue in the music sector.

Driving the business & Supporting talents

We provide small and medium-sized companies in particular with valuable options for networking, initiating business and innovation.

We are interdisciplinary gateways to launch joint projects in order to promote and support talents and trends.

Collecting knowledge & Creating awareness

We will gain and provide information about the inventory of the music community.

We will collect knowledge, facilitate research and build capacities to identify the needs of the music sector and, not least, strengthen its potential for environmentally and socially sustainable business.

This enables us to address policy makers and create awareness in favor of the music community.

Providing the places & Serving the audiences

We enable dialogue and knowledge transfer, promotion and business initiation.

We manage the physical and digital marketplaces in which to pursue these purposes and goals, serving the diversified audiences with new music and artists.

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